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While it is true that “writer” and “public speaker” are two significant parts of my identity, I would be neither if not for my other life roles and experiences. I also know that to invite a new speaker to your event or to pick up a book by an author you’ve never read can be intimidating; to that end, it is my hope that what I share here will help you learn enough about me to take that next step.     


Perhaps the first thing people learn about me is that I am a born and raised fan of the Green Bay Packers. It may seem a strange first observation, but since I carry around my Packers water cup everywhere I go, it fits!

I am an ordained minister, in the Reformed Church in America, who believes in the full-inclusion of all people, regardless of gender expression, sexual orientation, race, or class. I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Michigan. 


I believe that all people are created in the image of God and that it is my call as a child of God to help people learn who they are created to be; to know they are loved as they are; to know that they have someone who will speak for them when no one else will; to know they are good enough.   


Every book I write, fiction and non-fiction, and every presentation I give, is centered on helping people know their worth and learning that the past does not define us, it merely informs us.     


So, roll all of that together, and the result is the reason for this website. Now, especially now, I believe people need to know they are more than their past and more than the labels others place upon them. Writing and speaking are two simple ways I hope to be able to share this truth with others.     


If you have a question about me that is not already answered here, shoot me an e-mail at and I’ll do what I can to answer it in an upcoming blog post!

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  • Board of Counseling, State of Michigan,
    Professional Counselor LPC (6401012025)

  • Ordained Minister of the Word and Sacrament,
    Reformed Church in America

  • B.A., Hope College

  • M. Div., Western Theological Seminary

  • M.A. Counseling, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary

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