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Lake Harbor Chronicles

As an author, creating places of escape is one of my favorite tasks, and building this town off of real hometown, Sheboygan, WI, was no exception! Without further ado, allow me to welcome you to Lake Harbor, WI.

Lake Harbor is the fictional lake-side backdrop of my in-process fiction series. Book one, The Red Couch, is now available on Amazon,, and B&N in both ebook and paperback. If you live in West Michigan, it is also available at The Bluestocking Bookshop in Holland, and The Book Cellar and The Bookman in Grand Haven. It also has a very special home in Sheboygan, WI at WordHaven Bookhouse

Book two, The Yellow Dress, is in the final stages of editing and likely to be published in time for Christmas 2023. I am not yet sure how many books will be in the Lake Harbor Chronicles, that’s up to the characters! For now, please see below for a brief synopsis of the first two books.     


The Red Couch: Toni’s vision of life in her thirties did not match reality: homeless, jobless, at odds with her best friend. Back in Lake Harbor where it all began, motivated by both guilt and curiosity, she accepts the challenge left for her in Gran’s will. Can a shoebox of letters truly set her life back on course? Here’s to hoping!


The Yellow Dress: Kat Williams just opened a new business with her best friend in her hometown, Lake Harbor, WI. She owns her own home, has a great group of friends, and, in the short few months it has been open, business is already turning a profit. To everyone who knows her, life looks close to perfect. None of them, not even her two best friends, know that old habits have resurfaced. Her fear and shame threaten to keep her in the dark, trapped in her past. Will she find the courage to ask for help before she loses it all?

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