Lake Harbor, WI is the fictional location for the in-process fiction series I am writing. I am currently querying book one, The Red Couch, with the intent to self-publish soon if the queries do not result in publication. Book two, The Yellow Dress, is in the concept stage. I am not yet sure how many books will be in the Lake Harbor Series, that’s up to the characters! For now, please see below for a brief synopsis of the first two books.     


The Red Couch: Antonia Marie Webster, Toni, is a single woman returning to her hometown to bury her grandmother Ruth. Ruth was the only real mother Toni ever knew, but coming to bury her is not the reason Toni is most dreading this trip. Returning to Lake Harbor means facing failure and a broken relationship with the person she most needs; it also means physical danger and asking questions she’d rather continue ignoring. Will Toni’s return to Lake Harbor be the undoing she fears or will it finally help her find the life she’s always wanted?     


The Yellow Dress: Kat Williams just opened a new business with her best friend in her hometown, Lake Harbor, WI. She owns her own home, has a great group of friends, and, in the short few months it has been open, business is already turning a profit. To everyone who knows her, life looks close to perfect. None of them, not even her two best friends, know that old habits have resurfaced. Her fear and shame threaten to keep her in the dark, trapped in her past. Will she find the courage to ask for help before she loses it all?

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