Faith Doesn't Erase Grief: This book focuses on the intersection of grief and faith. For far too long, the Christian Church has inflicted shame on believers who grieve, rather than rejoicing in the promise of heaven. In Faith Doesn't Erase Grief, I weave the truths of psychology into the Word of God. Biblical stories and characters are utilized to show that God not only understands human grief, but encourage us to engage our grief, even to the point of expressing anger or doubt. I believe strongly in the need for this book, especially now If you want to know more, use #FaithDoesntEraseGrief and let me know your thoughts, hopes, and questions. 

This book is in the editing/querying phase. It is my hope and prayer it will soon be available via traditional publishing.


The other non-fiction work I have, "Rediscover Your Story: From Once Upon a Time to This is the True Story", is currently on hold. The retreat that is the foundation for this book, however, remains available. Head on over to the Speaking tab learn more or schedule your next women's retreat. 


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