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I welcome the opportunity to work with you to bring your audience compassionate and empowering classes, workshops, and retreats on a variety of topics. Open the document to the above (or below for mobile readers) to learn more about workshops related to Faith Doesn't Erase Grief, including trainings for pastors and lay pastoral care providers. 

Below are additional topics on which I’ve already presented, but I’m also willing to develop new presentations as requested. Please contact me (scroll down for the contact form) for specifics regarding fee, availability, etc. As an ordained minister, I am also available for pulpit supply. I look forward to working with you!


Rediscover Your Story: Best chosen for an extended retreat, this series of presentations is meant for women's ministries or high school aged young women. It is a time focused on learning to recognize the lies we believe and how those lies hold us back from living fully into our identity in Christ.  There are many ways to customize this retreat! 

Journaling 101: This 1-1.5 hour workshop can be added into an existing retreat or standalone. In it, learn about the benefits of keeping a journal, as well as different ways to engage with your journal depending on need.

The Myths of Counseling: All people can benefit from counseling at least once in life, but many avoid it because of the associated connotations. This workshop was created to allow people to see the benefits in counseling and to normalize the experience; it is a presentation appropriate for men and women. 

Body Image: This workshop can be tailored for middle or high school youth groups, as well as women's ministries. It can also be tailored for non-religious groups. The focus is as indicated: learning to love one's body as it is thereby raising one's own self-worth.

Depression & Anxiety: In this workshop, learn how depression and anxiety play off one another. Once we can name the game, we can change it! You'll leave this workshop with tools to  self-soothe and fight through the darkness.

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