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Recovery: Part 2

I had my two-week post-op appointment with my doctor yesterday, and am happy to report all is going along as it should.

My husband helped me set up camp in our bed when I returned home from the hospital, complete with a bedside table for my remotes, water, pills, etc. My fur-babies came in to visit me regularly, but baby Duke never stayed long. Duke is still a puppy, so trying to explain to him that he cannot jump on my stomach right now doesn't exactly work; but, his nine year old "brother" Rocky gets it and therefore slept protectively next to me anytime Chad wasn't using his side of the bed.

The first few days were nothing but sleep and t.v.--when people tried to prepare me for fatigue, they were not exaggerating! I believe this is a major factor in why my doctor wants me off of work for 6 weeks; it's been two weeks, and though the fatigue is less, it remains ever-present.

On the Tuesday following the surgery, my mom came for a visit. She was a great help and we had a blast! I think my husband also appreciated not needing to be present 24 hours a day and my boys appreciated the longer walks he was then able to give them. As the week progressed, I got a little more active and felt good about it, even though I still napped or rested every day.

The weakness in my abdomen was very strange because it truly felt like someone had taken out part of my body! I know that is what happened, but I never thought it would truly feel that way. Now, though, it just feels like I'm constantly clenching my abs and can't relax.

The simplest things wipe me out and cause pain: a flight of stairs, walking the dogs, dishes, standing too long. I tried to vacuum a small spot and quickly realized that for sure is not happening anytime soon. This is the other reason I am off of work for 6 weeks. As my doctor said, the internal stitches are still there, healing is still taking place, and I need to avoid and significant abdominal exertion, lest I cause those stitches to rip. So, I'm learning to listen to my body. In fact, you're getting two blogs today because I needed a rest after the dogs and I took a nice walk in this spring-like weather.

So, I'll enjoy, within reason, my recent release to resume driving, while also remembering to continue laying low, taking breaks, and relish in the joy of naps. I trust the pain (very different than my previous pain!) will abate slowly but surely and that one day I'll be able to post, with complete sincerity, how happy I am with my choice to have a hysterectomy.

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