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Updated: Sep 30, 2023

I don't think there's a better word to describe my current state of mind, or heart. Over these last nine

days, I've experienced moments of joy, moments of sorrow, moments of anger, and moments of sheer confusion. My heart has been broken by realities I never knew existed, and by the fact that I didn't know they existed; my heart holds hope for what can one day be. M

y heart is broken by the complicity of my own country; my heart holds hope for change.

Tomorrow is the last day of this trip, and I am already wondering what it will be like to return home and reenter life with all the things floating around in my brain and heart. I feel I need more time to listen, more time to learn, more time to speak for those who can't, more time to clear the way for new voices.

And all the same needs to happen at home as well, because what is broken here is not all that different than what is happening there.

It's so much to process. Sprinkled in, though, there have been some truly beautiful moments; below are images from two of my favorites from today. The first image is my favorite tree in the Garden of Gethsemane, and the second at the Mount of Olives overlooking Jerusalem.

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Jen Cruz
Jen Cruz
19. Nov. 2022

It’s too bad you aren’t flying back into Milwaukee. They have an area to get recombobulated. Just some humor for you. I can’t wait to hear more about this life changing journey you’ve been on. I can’t imagine all your thoughts and feelings. 💜

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