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Fun Fact...

First I went deep, then I introduced "Things that make you go hmmm", and today I unveil the new feel good topic: "Fun Fact..."! As always, I welcome your participation, so if you'd like a specific fun fact, drop a note in the suggestion box, follow the blog, and comment. I'd appreciate the participation!

So, Fun Fact #1: I am OBSESSED with Beverly Hills, 90210. Yes, you read that right. The opening GIF is identical to one that a friend, and college roommate, of mine posted when asked to post a GIF of something that reminds her of me. Seeing this GIF as her response brought a huge smile to may face.

For one, she's right, anything 90210 (original) related, I'm in. I own all 10 seasons on DVD. I've seen every episode, well, lots. We lived together during the final season of the show, so I can only imagine what that was like for her. Though I dealt with Piglet...but I digress ;)

This GIF also made me smile because of the reaction I imagined this friend having if I would have responded saying: "I can tell you exactly what is happening here." And you know what, I can!

Brandon (he's the one on the left...are there really people who don't know that???) is elbowing Dylan in the ribs for a semi-inappropriate comment shortly after hearing that Brenda's, Dylan's GF at the time and Brandon's sister, breast tumor was benign. She had just said something about needing to avoid showers to keep the bandage dry for two days (yes, my brain recalls all of this from the above image. Don't ask why; well you can, but I don't have an answer!) and it led nicely into some snarky, and sly, comment. I think sometimes Dylan forgot he was talking to his girlfriend's brother.

So, Fun Fact #1, if you want to bond quickly with me, talk about Beverly Hills, 90210. I recommend not talking to me about the "new" one--I didn't like it. I guess you could call it one of my quirks :)

Want to know more Fun Facts? Drop a note in the suggestion box and comment here. Be sure to follow the blog so you don't miss my reply! For added fun, leave another 90210 GIF in the comments and we'll see how many scenes I can identify.

Thanks for the smile, Jess!

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