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I have the privilege of growing up with four very special grandparents. I'm sure through the course of this blog you'll hear a lot about what each taught me. Tonight, I want to introduce you to Grandpa Berry.

Grandpa Berry, my mom's dad, taught me how to appreciate fine music. My brother and I used to spend time with my grandparents in the summer and, either to get us to their house or return us home, they'd drive us in their van. Now, this van was big--but it was also awesome. Captain chairs, a table we could set up in the middle for card games, plush seats. I'm telling you, it was great! I learned a lot about and from Grandpa Berry on those trips. His gas mileage log was something to be admired. But he also had a list for radio stations across the country so he could easily find his classical music no matter where on the journey we happened to be.

I know I often put on headphones, because, well, I was a kid. But I also absorbed how that music impacted him and began to listen more closely. Now, especially when I write, film scores are my soundtrack.

The video at the top of this post impacted me for so many reasons. Andy Grammar's emotional response to the experience, the voices of the children, the expressions of the children as they sing out their hearts to themselves and one another; simply beautiful.

Thank you, Grandpa, for teaching me how to appreciate music. Take a listen and allow it to wash over you. Then, in the comments, share one of your all-time favorite pieces of music.

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