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With My People (part 1)

I cannot tell you why I didn't write a blog two weeks ago. I'm guessing life was busy, Wednesday rolled around, and I simply didn't think about it. That's part of the reason you're getting one today and one tomorrow.

What I can tell you is why you didn't get a post last week: the annual RCA Chaplain's Conference.

Despite the fact the conference more often than not falls over our wedding anniversary, my gracious husband supports my going to this annual event because he recognizes what it does for me. Every year, as I gather with my people, I am refreshed. I have a partial week during which I am able to unload my soul to people with whom I connect on a deep level, despite the fact I see many of them only at this conference. Through large group worship, small group processing, meal time fellowship, and play I, little-by-little unburden the deeply buried stuff that accrues in the soul of a chaplain/counselor/human being over the course of the year.

For the last few years, and for a few more, I've also been a part of the planning team. This means extra time with a few of these same people, resulting in bonus unburdening and rejuvenation.

I cherish this time every year and have already put in my request for time off next year. I need it for my home life and work life; I need it for my faith life. My husband supports and encourages it because he understands all of that.

Who are your people? With whom do you gather to unburden the accrued junk of life? Who are the people and/or where are the places that you consider protected time because you, and the people in your life, know those experiences are key to your life? If you are unsure how to answer those questions, I encourage you to take time and think about it. Brainstorm and make a plan.

If you can answer those questions, express your gratitude and continue cherishing those people and times. Share below--let's start a list of possible places/groups/and options! Self-care isn't selfish, it is mandatory.

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