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A LONG Month

Dear readers,

Thank you for hanging in there with me despite very minimal interaction from yours truly. I couldn't tell you the last time I was sick for a month straight and for that I am grateful.

I'm also grateful for: antibiotics, DayQuil, NyQuil, steroids, Mucinex, Diflucan, and Melatonin. I'm grateful I finally have energy to do something after work other than sit in my recliner. I'm grateful my sinuses don't hurt constantly.

I'm thankful for an understanding supervisor and company. I'm thankful I can now build back up my stamina. I'm thankful for good moments and days in the last month that made the rest a bit more bearable.

I'm most thankful, though, that I don't need to deal with this longer.

I'm heartbroken for those who can't say the same.

I know many people in my life who live with chronic pain and/o chronic illness, some debilitating or life limiting in some manner.

Now that I'm coming out of it, I'm able to recognize just how impacted I was over the last month by the variety of things that attacked me. The fog, the fatigue, the frustration; and many of you know what it is to live that day in and day out.

I can't make that better for you and I can't take it on. What I can do, is tell you I see you. I see the way you constantly adapt, the face you put on, and the relief that comes with allowing yourself to be true to what you're experiencing at any given moment. I can also pray you are surrounded with people who are understanding, patient, and can read your cues even when you can't speak what you need.

I know it isn't much. But know that when you're in my presence, you are always invited to just be you.

P.S. Now that I'm returning to functionality, more blogs are on the way. Stay tuned!

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