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Extra! Extra!

Though not yet officially published, I have decided to make my daily Advent journal available for purchase. Things can't change if you don't take a leap!

The Advent Journal is one I wrote several years ago for my family; a few years after that, I had it printed for my then faith community. And now I'm ready to offer it to each of you and your faith communities and/or families. The journal is set up to start on the first Sunday of Advent (Dec 1 this year!) and includes daily reflections and creative prompts--no special skills allowed, I promise! I also include special reflections specifically for Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

Again, as this is not a formal publication, the journal is available to you in one of two formats: as a .pdf for you to print or a Word document so you can work on it electronically.

Technical Stuff: A purchase represents the agreement that you will not alter the author content of the journal in any way. You will not make more copies than agreed upon with the author prior to purchase. All credit will be given to the author whether in family, congregational, small group, social media, etc (or any mix of thereof).

The Advent Journal will be emailed to one contact. Per the purchase agreement between buyer and author, the buyer will only distribute as agreed upon in email communication with the author.

I want as many people as possible to benefit from this journal, so I'm intentionally keeping it very inexpensive. After this season, I'll be submitting to devotional publishers, so I can't guarantee I'll be able to offer the same thing next year.

If you are interested in the pricing details or want to see a three sample pages, please contact me at Regardless of what you decide, I pray your Thanksgiving is full of gratitude as you prepare to enter into Advent.

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