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One month and counting...

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

It has been just over one month since my gastric sleeve surgery. Prior to surgery I had two or three months of serious thought followed by six months of required (insurance!) appointments to prepare; let me assure you, nothing can truly prepare a person for this kind of surgery.

It is one thing to theoretically know an entire lifestyle shift is coming. By the middle of the first week you know it is a necessary shift. By week 5? Forget about it.

It isn't a lifestyle shift--it's an entire world shift.

Before I continue, let me answer the question I most get from others: no, I do not regret surgery. Yes, I'm happy I made this choice; in just over a month I've lost more than I've ever been able to lose on my own. That, in and of itself, is a confirmation to me.

Back to that entire world shift.

It isn't just about eating less. It's about timing/balancing food intake and water intake. It's about focusing on protein above all else, which is a complete departure from what I'm used to. It's about trying to find space for meals to take anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes. It's about supporting my brain as it tries to change 39 years of thinking on a dime and learn that serving sizes are completely different than ever before. No caffeine or alcohol for three months. No straws or carbonation--ever. 2 weeks of liquids only, followed by 2 weeks of smooth foods, followed by 2 weeks of soft foods; I'm still waiting to see what comes next.

Total. World. Shift.

It's exhausting. It's energizing. It's hope producing.

My entire core is still trying to repair muscles and tissues that have been torn apart, which is both painful and tiring. And yet, somehow, my walks (my limit at this point) are so energizing and encouraging. As wrecked as I am by the time my canine kiddos and I get back, I feel so good when I'm walking it basically balances.

One month and counting. Ed has been blissfully silent. I'm adapting, slowly but surely. I'm pressing ahead. I'm looking forward to continued healing and and changes in another month!

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