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  • Rev. Kate J Meyer, LPC

3 months and counting

It has been almost two weeks since I passed the 3 month mark from my gastric sleeve surgery. In many ways, it feels like much more than three months! Here's what I'm noticing now:

*I finally see the changes, particularly in my face. Others noticed changes a while back, but for me, this is a new development;

*I have some clothes I definitely can't wear and others that are more comfortable than ever and remain passable;

*Eating is finally an easier process. I still have times struggling to get things "down the hatch", but those instances are fewer and further between;

*I found a multivitamin gummy and a Vitamin D3 gummy, and those combined have helped me feel better overall;

*I'm enjoying walks and push myself a little further each week;

*I resumed some strength training this week and look forward to that being a regular thing;

*I've learned my body's new signals and, if I heed them, no longer have indigestion or nausea;

*I still have indigestion a/o nausea if I eat too quickly;

*I don't have much desire for high sugar/high fat items. Whether this is because I was off of them for so long or because of the way they sit, I don't know;

*I frequently need to remind myself that I can now choose to eat anything I want--I'm resuming total control and that's an important step in this process;

*Meeting both protein AND water goals remains a daily struggle. I stopped officially tracking for a while because tracking isn't so great for me mentally; what I miss about tracking, though, is the assurance that I'm on track with protein or the motivation to get more if I need it;

*I have learned I do better if I ignore the specific number and focus instead in ranges (ie: 60s) instead of specific number;

*I'm not weighing myself. The last time I was on the scale was in March at a podiatrist appointment. If my next surgery f/u ends up needing to be virtual, I'll get on the scale then so I can give them a number. Daily weighing isn't healthy for anyone; weekly or monthly weighing also isn't that great for me;

*My husband and I need to change our meal planning. We either need to plan only 3 meals a week and eat each twice, or utilize our freezers (yes, plural) more. It is difficult enough to make recipes for two--now it really is like cooking for 1.5, so leftovers are a regular thing around here;

*Sizing for female clothing is absolutely ridiculous and inconsistent. As an example, I'm now able to wear the following sizes in tops: 1X, XL, L, and XS. Yep. You're reading that right, XS. All are different brands and different styles of tops. But it just shouldn't matter. A size should be a size;

*Caffeine no longer holds the same appeal or impact. I'm now free to drink it and I have on occasion, but it is no longer a staple of my morning;

*Not drinking with meals has become second nature;

*I had my first cocktail since December while on a Zoom call with my mom, aunt, and cousins. I very much enjoyed it but didn't finish it;

*I'm remain very grateful I followed through on taking this step for myself.

In this time of quarantine, we all need to be practicing good self-care. I've rediscovered coloring and lingering a book. What are you doing to keep yourself emotionally and mentally healthy in this time?

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