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Coming soon to amazon!

It has been a LONG time since the last blog post. That's just real life. In the meantime, I've worked on both my fiction and non-fiction books and have some exciting, early news to share with you as blog subscribers.

Yes, you, my loyal subscribers, are hearing it first! Tomorrow, it will be shared via social media, but for now, the news is for your alone as a giant THANK YOU for your loyalty.

Moments ago, I completed the uploading process to publish The Red Couch via KDP Amazon, and it will soon be available to YOU via Kindle or Paperback!!

The cover is designed by a very talented friend of mine, Crystal Wright, and I'm as excited to share her work with you as I am to FINALLY get The Red Couch into the hands of readers.

Some of you read early editions of this book. I remain indebted to you for your revisions, feedback, and encouragement. The book you read is hidden in the pages of the final result, so I hope you'll still buy it :)

This blog is a bit scattered, I recognize; but, let me just tell you, it is surreal to be at this point. Excited is not big enough a word, yet is the only one I have as I type. You're going to hear A LOT about this book in the coming days/weeks/months, etc as self-published means I am my marketing department. So, apologies in advance. If you want to help you can: buy the book when it is available, leave a review on Amazon as this helps the rating which helps it be found, and share, share, share. Tell your friends, share a post, tweet using #TheRedCouch and @KateJMeyer1.

I'll be sure to announce when the books is "live". It will go live first via Kindle and, shortly thereafter, as a paperback. Thank you for your support!

Here's the official description to hold you over until launch day:

Toni Webster had a vision of what life in her thirties was going to be, but life as she knows it—homeless, jobless, and at odds with her best friend—is nowhere near what she’d hoped. To make matters worse, she has been called back to Lake Harbor, WI where she will be forced to confront past actions and lies. Reluctantly, Toni returns with a plan to leave again as soon as possible.

What she doesn’t expect is the challenge Gran leaves for Toni in her will. Can a shoebox of letters change her life? It seems unlikely, but Toni has literally nothing left to lose, and everything to gain, if she can find the courage to meet this challenge head-on. Maybe this will be just what she needs to finally set her life back on track. Here’s to hoping!

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