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What If?

What if your access to water was decided by where you lived? What if your access to water was unreliable and unpredictable?

What if you never had the chance to truly own anything?

What if you were incapable of getting a full night of sleep because of past trauma, and the constant threat of more trauma?

What if your child died because someone exerted their power rather than seeing you as human?

What if imprisonment was a better option than home?

What if your town didn't have enough money to remove trash, so it just piled up in the streets?

What if your home could be destroyed on a whim, with no warning or alternate housing?

What if comfort is found in peace?

What if forgiveness equates putting away hatred and anger, and unifying for peace?

What if all people were given the same rights?

What if generations of children did not have to grow up wondering when they would be arrested in the middle of the night?

What if people were empowered to thrive?

What if all people had basic access to infrastructure, electricity, and water?

Seriously, what if?

(if you want to learn more than what most news outlets tell you, check out the Parent's Circle Family Forum and the work of Sam Bahour, a Palestinian American)

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