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Dispel the Magic

After a bit more of a delay than intended (what can I say? life!), I'm back with the second quote from The Woman King that made a significant enough impact that I pulled my phone (again!) from my pocket to capture it. If you've not yet read Reclaiming Tears, be sure to do that at some point, too. And, just to assure those who are concerned, the quote is from the movie, but there are no spoilers, so feel free to read on even if you've yet to see it.

The photo above is from the trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (Universal Studios) that I was privileged to take last year with the same inner circle member with whom I saw The Woman King. This sign is one of her favorites in the park, and it is one of mine too; it comes close to capturing the level of escape that awaits you on the other side of the turnstiles. I loved every experience at the park, every moment--even the ONE ride for which we had a long wait. (Seriously, there was a lot of 'magic' in this trip!) So, when I thought about an image to summarize today's quote, this image came to mind.

Here's the quote: "It dispels the magic if you say the words." It dispels the magic if you say the words. On this election day 2022, these words feel even heavier.

I don't remember the exact moment in the movie that this line is spoken, so I can't give you the full contextual meaning from the film. Instead, let me share a few words with you on why it speaks to me.

Regardless of their reason for seeking therapy, I have told every client at one point in our therapeutic relationship these words: the worst place we can keep something is in our mind. Usually I'm encouraging the person to try journaling, but it is also an explanation for people when they wonder why talk therapy is so helpful for them.

Without charging you for a session, I'm going to give you the answer. It dispels the magic if you say the words. In other words, when we pour our thoughts/fears/anxieties/self-talk onto the page or to a trusted person, they lose their control. When we keep things trapped in our mind, there is a chance that we will spiral into catastrophizing or fortune telling or some other pattern of limited thinking. Like magic, our brains take over, we fall under a spell, and lose the ability to think logically and from a place of safety.

When, though, we summon the courage to speak the words/thoughts/fears/etc, we break the spell. We regain control over the brain and are again able to think logically, to stay in the moment, to review past evidence, and to choose on what we focus.

My friends at Hogwarts spent a lot of time learning spells for any number of things, some of which I might even wish could actually be wielded (seriously, how convenient would Accio be? if you know, you know!). In the end, though, we muggles have the greatest magic of all and no wands are needed. Hogwarts would be fun, but the education isn't necessary. To harness our greatest magic and all the goodness that flows from it, we simply need to speak the words.

Practice saying the words of the things that you fear. You'll soon notice the dropping level of fear as you do, because when you take back control of the direction of your thoughts, you have less to fear. Try it. It's pretty amazing.

If you already voted, thank you. If you still need to vote, dispel the magic the fear mongers are trying to wield over you, read slowly, do your own research, and think for yourself. Then, use your voice through your vote.

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