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holy week happenings: Easter Sunday

Holy week Happenings: Focusing on Jesus' Last Days on Earth

Mark 16: 1-8

1. In the following we will break down the remaining verses of the Mark’s account a. Mark 16:1-3. What do notice about the outlook, attitude, state of the women? Why would they go to anoint Jesus’ body? b. Mark 16:4-8. The women were alarmed, which was a typical reaction to an angel as we see throughout Scripture. What has the angel been sent to do (what messages does he give them)? c. Why were the women so afraid? Do you think they ever wondered why this should surprise them? 2. As your Bible may tell you, some early manuscripts do not have the conclusion of Mark. However, when the Bible was put together it was thought worthy of inclusion and therefore we can take what it has to say as the Word of God. a. Mark 16:9-20. Describe the remaining events of this section of Scripture. Why are they valuable to us?


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