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holy week happenings: Good Friday

Holy Week Happenings: Focusing on Jesus’ Last Days on Earth Friday: Mark 15:1-47 BETWEEN 6a.m. and 9a.m Mark 15:1-21 1. Return to Thursday night to review what state Jesus is already in when he stands before Pilate. a. Record the order of events in verses 1-15 (ie: who does what, who says what, etc). What is notable about Pilate’s interaction with Jesus and the chief priests? Who has the authority in those moments?

b. Describe the events of the soldiers. What are they doing and why? BETWEEN 9a.m. and Noon Mark 15:22-32 2. Jesus’ initial time on the cross was filled with activity around him… a. Why did the soldiers offer Jesus the wine and myrrh mixture? Why would Jesus refuse it? (If you have a study Bible it will probably have some suggestions on this) b. Notice that Mark does not elaborate on the crucifixion process; why do you think he mentions the robbers and the insults/mocking that persisted? BETWEEN Noon and 3p.m. Mark 15:33 3. Why did darkness cover the land? Imagine how that would have affected the people at that time. BETWEEN 3p.m. and 6p.m. Mark 15:34-41 4. The death of Christ is marked with some significant moments, reflect on them below a. Verses 34-36: b. Verse 37: c. Verses 38-39: d. Verse 40-41

AT 6p.m. Mark 15:42-47 5. Why was it so important to get Jesus off the cross and buried? 6. Do you have any reflections on the burial itself?

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