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holy week happenings: Wednesday

Holy Week Happenings: Focusing on Jesus’ Last Days on Earth Wednesday: Mark 14:1-11 1. Read Mark 14:1-2. a. Why do you think the chief priests and teachers of the law were so fearful? What did they fear would happen if they arrested Jesus during Passover? b. Why was arresting him not enough? In other words, why were they planning not only to arrest him but also to kill him? 2. Read Mark 14: 3-9. a. What was the woman doing? Why? b. Why did the people scold her? What was she doing wrong in their eyes? c. Why did Jesus scold the people? In other words, on what did the people focus and on what did Jesus focus? 3. Read Mark 14:10-11. Speculate as to some of the possible reasons for the betrayal that Judas agreed to. 4. Read the following passages: Luke 22:1-6, John 12:4-6, and John 13:18-27. Each of these passages shed a bit more light on Judas and his motivation for betraying Jesus; while we cannot know for sure what it was, each possible reason will resonate with you at a certain point in your life. Below, share how the trait matches Judas, as well as if you can resonate with his motivation/frustration. a. Greed: b. Disappointment in who Jesus really was in comparison to who he thought Jesus as the Messiah would be: c. Opening self to Satan:

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