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Resurrection to ascension

As a bonus, I've included a study for the days between resurrection and ascension. Since there are four entries in this section, you'll receive one per week starting today and for the next three weeks. Enjoy!

As a way to review how Jesus spent his forty days between his resurrection and ascension, take some time to look at each Gospel account individually. **Note the account you are most familiar with is most likely from Acts (which is really the second part of Luke’s Gospel) 1:1-11; feel free to read that for context at any point! Matthew 28:16-20 1. Matthew’s account of those forty days is very minimal, yet still powerful; these verses are called The Great Commission. a. Do you think there is any significance to who is present and where this is taking place? Why or why not? b. Sum up Jesus’ command: what do we learn about him here? About what is he clearer than ever before? What are the disciples to do? c. What does it mean to baptize “in the name of”? What does that signify?

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