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Tuesday-Acts 1: 3-9

I can’t even begin to imagine what this time must have been like for Jesus’ friends and disciples. They invested the last three years of their lives observing his ministry, sharing in it, and learning all they could—well, at the very least trying to learn all they could!

I would guess they weren’t feeling all that secure in their knowledge or ability on this particular day. After all, Jesus had tried to tell them ahead of time that he would die and rise again, and yet they grieved as if he would not come back and were shocked when he did. For forty days Jesus appeared so that he could explain what happened and some of what would come; I’m sure in those forty days they struggled with wanting to take in every second they could and an overwhelming desire to make him stay this time, no matter the cost.

What, then, did they feel on that day as Jesus talked of a Holy Spirit and witnessing to the ends of the earth? Talk about overwhelming! I envision them beginning to murmur amongst themselves and to face Jesus with some questions (how are we supposed to do this? What do we say? Surely you don’t mean the ends of the earth!) only to turn and watch Jesus ascend to heaven.

Receive my Spirit, grow my Kingdom, and tell my story; for something so simple, we sure do make it complicated!

Advent is a time when we look back to celebrate while also looking forward to anticipate. God, however, did not leave us simply to anticipate while anxiously twiddling our thumbs, sending up hopeful prayers. No, we are here to carry out the command to the disciples. So as you look forward to Christ coming again, commit yourself to receiving his Spirit, growing his Kingdom, and telling his story!

(Note: the above is original content written by this author in 2004. I suggest having a journal and Bible on-hand when you sit down with this devotional in order to complete the full aspects of it.)

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